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Advocate Trivia Challenge

November 30, 2023
On Dec. 1, 1959, 12 countries signed off on the Antarctic Treaty, which created what? How are The Three Stooges, The Supremes and Alvin
November 21, 2023
On Nov. 24, 1864, what painter of cancan dancers, including “At the Moulin Rouge,” was born? How many eyelids does a camel have: one,
November 16, 2023
On Nov. 17, 1869, what canal opened that is the world’s longest canal without locks? What chemist discovered the element radium and later died
November 10, 2023
On Nov. 10, 1871, Henry Stanley found fellow explorer David Livingstone; they were searching for the source of what river? What TV show with
November 2, 2023
On Nov. 3, 2016, in the early morning hours (due to rain delay), in the World Series, the Chicago Cubs defeated what team in
October 27, 2023
On Oct. 27, 2004, for the first time in 86 years, what team won the World Series? How many “Get Out of Jail Free”
October 20, 2023
On Oct. 20, 1973, what opera house opened that includes sail-like structures in its design? What namesake of a Massachusetts university said of the
October 16, 2023
On Oct. 13, 1675, the Mass. Council ordered that all Christian Indians be removed to what island (now a peninsula in Boston) during King
October 6, 2023
On Oct. 6, 1993, who retired from pro basketball, saying, “I don’t have anything else to prove”? Chester, Vermont’s Ariana Wunderle set a Guinness
September 28, 2023
September 29 is National Coffee Day; what programming language was named after a coffee? Who takes the Hippocratic Oath? On Sept. 30, 1868, the

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